Disaster Management

Course Objective

To equip learners with knowledge and skills on disaster preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery that can enable them to carry out hazard identification, risk assessment and vulnerability analysis towards containing the frequent disasters.

What Disaster Management Course Entails?

The last three decades have seen a substantial rise in the number and frequency of disasters. Blame has solely been heaped on improper and uncontrolled human actions on the environment. While no country in the world is entirely safe, lack of capacity to limit the impact of hazards remains a major burden for most countries. Thus, in an attempt to reverse this trend, the discipline of disaster management has been incorporated in all developmental programs. Disaster management is a rapidly emerging subject and professionals with academic qualifications and practical experience have key roles in lessening the impact of human and ecological catastrophe.

It is becoming increasingly important to foster resilience and a capacity to withstand disaster events, as a part of reducing and managing risk within a broader context of sustainable development.

Disaster Management course involves equipping learners and disaster practisers with knowledge and skills dealing with a disaster, by looking for and implementing strategies that could prevent or at least minimise the chance of them happening again or minimising their impact. It is a continuous process, not just a reaction to a specific event.

The course aims to provide students with the research skills, knowledge and management expertise to deal with future crises, emergencies and disasters in the society. It is dependent on local economic factors, conditions, the weather, the number of people involved and whether the emergency has been caused by nature or human beings.

Courses Offered in Disaster Management.

In our college we offer both Certificate, and Diploma courses. Usually in this course we offer Certificate in Disaster Management and Diploma in Disaster Management.

Disaster Management Course Requirement.

Successful applicants must normally hold at least a C- (minus) and above for diploma course in disaster management or a certificate course from a discipline relevant to the programme. Diploma course takes 11/2 (one and half years). Applicants for certificate course must have at least a D+ (plus) and above. Applications to the course are encouraged from all suitably qualified persons irrespective of age, race, gender or disability

Career Opportunities in Disaster Management.

There are numerous opportunities once you graduate. Some of them may arise in the emergency services, emergency planning and response services, government agencies, local authorities, relief agencies, United Nations organisations, uniformed services, non-governmental organisations.