Fire Fighting Courses

Certificate in Fire Fighter I

This course is examined by National Firefighting Association . Our institution is certified and accredited by National Fire Protection Authority(NFPA) through IFCAS which is a United States of America (US) established fire fighting standard.

Certificate in Fire Fighter II

A student studying fire fighter II shall undergo additional training to become more knowledgeable in fire fighting techniques. In addition to standard fire fighting duties, fire fighter IIs create fire intervention plans, conduct vehicle extraction, coordinate multiple emergency response teams and even combat wildfires. Fire fighter II’s are also the first responders to fires where hazardous materials are involved.

Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)- Exam Center

ICT College is an accredited training & exam center by the British(UK) based IFE organization. Under this institution the following courses are offered and examined: Level 2 Certificate Level 3 Diploma